Cheese, food that is good for your teeth

We hear a lot about what foods are bad for our teeth, but there are actually lots of foods that contain minerals & vitamins that are good for your teeth. Unsurprisingly, foods that are good for your teeth are also good for your overall health!


Dairy products like cheese & milk contain lots of calcium, which helps strengthen your teeth & bones. These foods also contain casein, a protein that can repair enamel & support muscle growth. Dairy products are great for strengthening your teeth as well as the rest of your body!

Leafy Greens & Beans

Leafy greens (like spinach) & beans have tons of fiber, which helps get your saliva flowing. This helps clean your teeth & gums & neutralizes acids that can cause cavities! Fiber also keeps your blood glucose levels from rising too quickly & supports your intestinal health, which can lower your risk for colon cancer. 


Raw carrots, as well as other vegetables that require a lot of chewing, like cucumbers, contain vitamin A to strengthen your tooth enamel. They also have lots of other vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are very good for your whole body!

Sugarless Gum

Chewing gum, like other chewy foods, can remove particles from your teeth & get your saliva flowing to clean your teeth! Just make sure it’s sugarless so you’re not unintentionally causing any tooth decay.


Salmon is high in Omega-3s that ease inflammation & slow plaque buildup in your blood vessels. Salmon is also a source of vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium—& calcium strengthens your teeth & bones!

Black & Green Teas

Both black & green tea contain fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay & strengthen enamel. They also have bacteria- & disease-fighting antioxidants, which can prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth. Just make sure you’re careful about how much you drink, because black tea can stain your teeth if you drink it often.

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