IV Anesthesia – Sleep Through Your Next Appointment!

For patients who are in need of invasive or extensive dental treatment, we offer the option of being “put under” using IV anesthesia. All IV anesthesia at our practice is safely administered by a fully certified professional. While under anesthesia, patients are unconscious & unable to feel any pain or discomfort associated with their procedure. Most patients awake from anesthesia with little or no memory of the procedure or even of falling asleep. Patients are often drowsy as the anesthesia wears off, so they will need a friend or family member to give them a ride home after their procedure is complete. IV anesthesia is one of the ways we make dental care comfortable & easy for our patients.

Please call Dental Specialties Inc 781-329-3840 (Dedham) or 781-963-2222 (Randolph) to find out more about when & why we offer IV anesthesia.